Spring into Action

Back pain Versus Gardening

It is that time of year when we are excited about the prospect of getting out in the garden, being creative, feeling free and alive and fearing the outcomes of over doing it. Every year the same things crop up and it is a lucrative time for the back manipulator. But does it really have to be that way?

Having spent a long (certainly this year) winter indoors and many hours sitting for whatever reason, computer, sofa, chatting, it is time to get physical again! So let’s get to it, in a much more informed way. Don’t just march out into the garden and tackle it full on for 8 hours!!!

A few basic exercises could help warm you up ready to start, maybe a brisk walk around the block first to get the blood flowing through your system, just 5 minutes or so. Then some simple joint mobilisations, ankle and shoulder rotations, knee and hip flexion and extension ( sit down and stand up a few times) gentle looking from side to side with your head to warm up the neck and then simple side bends, keeping the body straight, with soft knees.

These few exercises before you start and thinking about how you will position yourself whilst working, the body/back doesn’t like to be static, so changing your posture regularly and taking breaks every hour, will ensure that your body isn’t being misused and if you feel discomfort, stop stretch and take a break.

Sounds too simple, that's why nobody does it! But looking after "you" doesn’t need to be complicated!

Love and energy,
Liz and Jessica x

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