Food for Thought

For food to feed our body it has to be well digested.
Digestion starts in our mind with our thoughts of anticipation; the sight and smell of food stimulates our digestive system to initiate the process.

The smell of food will stimulate us - one way or the other.  The colour will tempt us if it is good or tell us to leave the food alone if it is bad.  If you buy 'petrol station' food or any processed foods, these stimulants or warnings will be largely missing so digestion will be compromised.  Have you ever had indigestion after a bought pre packed lunch?

If a food will last on a supermarket shelf for days, weeks or months longer than one would expect of food in its natural state, it is the added preservatives keeping it there.  Just think what these additives may do once they are inside you.  My advice, give them a wide berth whenever you can and enjoy healthy digestion of foods in their natural state and save some money too.

Love and energy,
Liz and Jessica x

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