Here is your first Pilates Class with us.

This is our gift to you, to relieve some stress in these strange times. Whilst you have the time on your hands, why not increase your back strength and function, at the same time as helping you feel great and toning your lovely body.

This is the Prelude to the full class, it will give you the foundation to class 1. You need to follow this video first and you can watch it before doing it with me, if you like, it’s only 10 minutes 😁

Beginner Pilates 1
This is it, its not perfect editing, as we are learning on the go, but it is very interactive and fun, even a little funny, especially the end!
This will with practice and dedication, create a strong, healthy and functional body. Pilates main aim is to strengthen the back and after years of doing and teaching it, I know it works.

What you need for the Class.

  • Some water to drink 😉
  • Enough space to lay down fully stretched
  • A mat that will support your body (couple of bath towels)
  • A laptop/iPad/tablet to watch from or a smart TV, so that you can see it
  • A hand towel as a prop for head or back

Please try to do this routine every day, or at least 4 times a week, build it in like brushing your teeth, its definitely as important, and the next class is coming soon and you want to be ready 😂

Online Consultations

Please do not forget that we now offer one to one online consultations, so we are still here to help and have already been working with patients in pain to relieve the symptoms remotely. How? you ask…..
We use all the tools we have and even instruct people within your own home to assist with the treatment, it works brilliantly and we are doing it all for Donations only until the 17th April, so give it a go. Also if you know someone who is suffering, or you think we could help, please share 😊

Next Newsletter

In the next episode we will be doing a complete posture video for anyone who is missing my nagging and needs a little reminder 👀

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Love and Energy from Liz and Jessica x
Please send us what you’ve been up to, we love hearing from everyone, we’re missing you all!

Stay Safe, see you soon xx

Welcome to the new Back Fit Clinical Therapies site!

“We treat the cause, not just the symptoms”We are very pleased to announced the launch of our brand new Back Fit Clinical Therapies website!  It’s been a long time coming but it’s finally here.

Check out the rest of the posts on our blog here. More will be coming your way soon.

Are you currently experiencing an issue with pain or discomfort?  Take a look at the list of treatments we offer here.

Have a question for us? We’d love to hear from you, give us a bell or send us a message.

Love and energy,
Liz and Jessica x

Positive quote of the month…is a poem!


I heard of the man who got up to speak at a memorial to his friend,
He mentioned dates on her tomb stone, 1934-2000, the beginning and the end.
The first of course, recorded her birth, the second he spoke with tears,
But he said what mattered most of all was the dash between the years.

For the dash represented the time that she had spent on earth,
And now only those close to her knew what that was worth.
What does it matter what we own, the cars the house, the cash?
What counts is how we live and love; just how we spend our dash.

So think about it while you can; are there things you’d like to change?
You never know what time you’ve left to try and rearrange.
Just take more time to listen, understand how others feel,
Getting the priorities right on what is lasting, true and real.

Be less ready to sit in judgement; show appreciation more
of the people in our lives who we’ve taken for granted before.
Treat everyone with due respect; more often wear a smile,
Recalling that this little dash might only last a while.

So when you’re eulogy’s being read, a life time to re-hash,
Will you be proud of the things they’ll say about how you spent your dash?


Love and energy,
Liz and Jessica x