Here is a list of treatments we offer. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or want to know more. We'd be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

List of Treatment prices

Full Unique Technique (F.U.T)

The initial consultation and treatment takes 90 minutes, which includes taking a thorough case history from childhood to present day. Every aspect of the physical body is examined, incorporating emotional traumas, as the treatment is specific to each individual.

Having experienced back problems and visited many Chiropractors, Osteopaths and Physios over the years, coming to Backfit has helped me become pain free, without the use of medication for the first time since 1983 - Graham Dennis

The treatment is extremely relaxing and uses specific oils to aid recovery. The treatment works to adjust the body to its position of ease, or to its most functional position. This is applied through spinal adjustments and soft tissue alignments, rhythmic motions and tissue stretching. Due to the gentle nature of the treatment patients are advised to take it very easy for the next 5 days to allow the body to heal. After the treatment, advice is offered to continue the process of improvement, relating to postural correction and muscle imbalances, from a classical Pilates teacher and a level 4 personal trainer. The return treatment is usually 6 weeks later.

Elizabeth's total understanding of the workings and needs of the human body is second to none and her ability to share this with her patients’ interest in mind is made easy to understand - Gary Hopper

This treatment does not require weekly treatment due to its powerful effects.

This treatment was built on word of mouth recommendation and until now has never been advertised, which speaks for itself.


This is a well-known and highly regarded technique within the medical profession. Elizabeth is the resident Osteomyologist for Back Fit and following a 32-year career in sports and Remedial therapies; she then studied a further 4 years full-time for her Masters, gaining a 2:1 with honours, at the European School of Osteopathy.

This treatment offers a wide variety of techniques, including Mobilisation, spinal adjustments, joint alignments, Muscle Energy Techniques (MET), soft tissue manipulation, visceral and neural techniques, the list is endless and everything is applied appropriately for the individuals need, relating to age, injury or condition.

The wellbeing of my whole body which is now energised and back in balance - Lynn Scales

The aim of this treatment is to restore the tissues to normal or improved function. The session will be based around the specific problem presented with any related issues addressed in the process.

Patients can expect a comfortable treatment, which holds the patient's' wishes at its centre. The patient will always need to give consent for the type of treatment given, therefore allowing the patient ‘shared decision making’ for the session. An explanation of what is suggested will be given prior to the treatment.

Elizabeth will always check the case history and if there are any changes since you’re last visit. Pre-treatment testing and post treatment rehabilitation advice can be expected with every session.

Elizabeth is extremely passionate in her work and loves to receive feedback from her patients.


Stress Buster Massage

This is for someone who needs total relaxation. The treatment is a full 90 minutes long and uses specific oils and hot towels to calm the nervous system and restore vitality.

Derived from Swedish body massage techniques to release locked away tension and encourage the body to let go. Apart from the initial consultation, you can relax and drift off knowing that you are in a safe and supportive environment.

Because of Liz, I have never had to be on medication for any of my posture issues and I am eternally grateful for that. She knows the body inside and out and her unique service means I would (and have) recommended her to everyone I know. - Paula Simmons

The whole body is treated and you will be asked before the session if there are any areas you would like to avoid. The facial part of the routine is for health more than beauty, so the focus is on function of the sinuses, rather than banishing wrinkles.

If you have music that you like to listen to or a meditation, that can be played to get the most out of your session.

You will finish feeling relaxed and calm and ready to face the world again.
Stress Buster Massages also make wonderful gifts to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, Christmas, or just to say ‘Thank You” to someone.


Pilates was created by a very clever man, Joseph Pilates, in answer to improve back strength, flexibility and all over co ordination. He was way ahead of his time and he worked with a varied clientele from Athletic dancers and gymnasts, to ordinary people with chronic pain.

His techniques are used world wide to help improve posture, core strength and prevent back pain. The body functions at its best when we can execute movements correctly. Through Pilates we can learn or re-learn how to move in a way that strengthens our back and leaves back pain in the past.

"As a ‘bad back’ sufferer, I find Elizabeth’s Pilates classes invaluable. Not only do they help to keep me pain free, but strengthening my ‘core’ and flattening my tummy helps my clothes fit better too!"  -  Harriette

One to one sessions  will enable you to understand what the key areas of your core are, why they are important and how to use it.

Everyone who has ever suffered with back pain will realise the importance of finding a technique that prevents its return.

"As the instructor I, myself have suffered from back injury, with falls from horses and know how desperate you can feel with the pain. Learning to build strength and look after our backs is imperative for long and happy lives!" Elizabeth.


Sport Massage Therapy

Before you can have Sports Massage you will begin with the  F.U.T full body assessment, so that the whole body has been assessed correctly.

On your next visit during the sports massage you will be assessed standing and lying, with muscle testing to enable the correct treatment and rehabilitation advise.

Patients are educated all the way through, as we feel it is extremely important to understand dysfunction, injury and how to prevent future occurrence. Elizabeth feels that empowering and educating the patient is the key to an effective treatment!

Liz has a remarkable passion for her job and I am always confident that whatever pain I present her with she will be able to sort it out - Nick Spyrou

After the assessment, the treatment may consist of many different techniques within the deep tissue massage.

These can be:

  • Ice treatments may be applied, all the way through injury.
  • STR’s, soft tissue release.
  • TP’s, Trigger points, very specific to local area around the injury.
  • MET’s, muscle energy techniques used to effect the muscle length and function.
  • DFM, deep friction massage, mainly used in the chronic stage of repair.

After a thorough treatment, the patient is stretched through the appropriate tissues and then given a solid explanation of how to continue the improvement at home until the next session.

Why have Sports Massage?

Sports therapy massage is an excellent way to keep the body in tip top condition and prevent problems and injuries from being created. The therapist uses special techniques to treat different areas of the body. This enables the therapist to pick up on potential trouble spots and treat them, before the patient is even aware they exist. It is also essential to get treatment immediately following an injury.

The first thing to do with a soft tissue injury is to cool the area! This is usually done with ice in a bag or wet tea towel and applied to the area within the first 20 mins of injury and re-applied every 2-3 hours depending on severity. If you are allergic to ice, cold water will do. It is always best to ask a Qualified Sports Therapist for advice.This immediate action will mean that the healing time will be shorter and easier. Below is a common way to remember how to respond to a soft tissue injury within the first 24/48 hours.

Prevention is better than cure!

All top athletes without exception have come to know, understand and rely on their therapist to look after their body. It is much better to know when some thing is not quite right and correct it, than it is to continually feel a twinge and think “it will pass” or “it will go away” and then the dramatic happens. You are out of your sport or off work for a period of time, while you wait for it to heal.

Everyone is one sided and the body will compensate beautifully if required, but how long will it be before it becomes injured. Sports massage is like an MOT for the body.

Holistic treatments like Sports Massage, allow you to understand what you need to be doing to improve your posture or movement patterns. Sports Massage also speeds the healing time of the tissues and help to rid the body of waste products like, lactic acid, that are produced from exercise.

Sports massage you will improve the extensibility and flexibility of the tissues too, making them more pliable and elastic and less prone to injury!

Regular Treatments

As stated above the benefits from regular treatments are superb, but what is regular? Well you need to decide whether that is every six weeks or every week or every other day! Only top athletes have it every other day, as it is too demanding for the average body to cope with.

In general some one who plays sport a few times a week would benefit from weekly of fortnightly treatments. Someone with injury may also need to start with the same, but if your not that serious in sport and you do not demand a lot from your body, then monthly to every six weeks will suffice.

The difference you will feel immediately after treatment. You will feel light and athletic and ready to go!

Sports Osteomyology

Elizabeth is a keen sports woman and has competed in many different fields, although in recent years the focus is geared more towards running and road bikes. This helps her to have a clear understanding of the mental struggle that befalls all athletes when injury strikes.

Elizabeth has played a vital role in my training and recovery from injury to help me win both the 2006/7 UK strongest Man (Under 105kg) and the 2010 British Drug free Powerlifting Associations 110kg British Open Title. Her knowledge and expertise in the field of injury prevention and core strengthening is second to none - S. Stanislaus

These sessions combine the powerful effects of Osteopathic medicine, with sports therapy and sports massage. The mechanics of an injury, whether it is from overuse or a sudden trauma, understanding what has happened and how to alleviate the problem in the future is key to the success of the treatment. Elizabeth will explain the obvious and the not so obvious, but she will also explain the importance of the rehabilitation that you are advised to follow for recovery to pre-injury state.


Here is our price list below:

Full Unique Technique (New Patient)£11590 minutes
Full Unique Technique (Continued treatment)£10060 minutes
Osteomyology£6060 minutes
Sports Osteomyology£6060 minutes
Sports Massage Therapy£6040 minutes
Stress Buster Massage£6590 minutes
Pilates (1-2-1)£4060 minutes
Personal Training (buy 10 get 1 free)£4060 minutes
Pre-natal, Post-natal and Paediatric£5040 minutes
Emergency (F.U.T)£5530 minutes


We offer a reduced fee for all children, 16 and under.

Refer a Friend

Back Fit is extremely grateful for all referrals, as this is how our business was built and continues to be, over the last 35 years! YOU are our greatest asset.

Refer a friend as a new patient and you both get £10 discount off your next full treatment (FUT). It's our way of saying "Thank you" for your valued commitment.*

We love our work here and it is made all the better because of your wonderful referrals and your ability to tell your story of how we helped you and share with others how we can help them too. 😁🙏🏻

Appointment cancellation policy

Appointments are made, subject to a minimum of 24 hours notice of change or cancellation. If you cancel without reasonable circumstances eg illness, there will be a £40 charge for the missed appointment.

If you fail to turn up for an appointment, without contact, you will be responsible for the full appointment fee. Apologies for this, however it is business.

Gift cards

Our Gift cards are now available to buy for your friends or loved ones. You can choose the treatment and the cost. This is a wonderful way to introduce people to our work here at Back Fit and we welcome New patient 😊

Payment options

We accept payment via cash or all major debit and credit cards and BACs.

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*Only one discount valid per treatment.

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Gary Hopper

I had suffered for 3 weeks with a bad back which had me laid up in bed for most of this time. I’d had 2 trips to a local osteopath and told would take many visits to put my problem right. – I went to Liz yesterday who told me I was daft for not … Continue reading Will Lucas

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