When it comes to looking after your own health, it is paramount to have tried and tested techniques, which you can be confident in.

At Back Fit Clinical Therapies we have over 30 years experience in treating people as a whole and have a great understanding that our bodies are connected through physical, physiological and emotional aspects. Each of these work in synchronicity to create a balanced and complete system. We are caring and thorough and always want the best outcome for our patients. The manipulations we use are unique to our family and have been the keystone for the clinic for over 30 years.

We are a patient centred clinic and as a patient, you will always be in control of your treatment, with options of what is the best and most effective route available to your individual complaint. You will never be asked to pay for treatments up front or asked to book blocks in advance, but we will be able to advise you on how many treatments you can expect to need.

This is why we always use the initial treatment for assessing the whole body, so that we can detect the root cause and give a better conclusion to the current issue.

Our sessions are usually six to eight weeks apart, this is due to the effectiveness of the techniques, which allows the individual to settle into the new postures or movement patterns, sleeping, lifting and sitting positions, etc.

We all create negative patterns and postures and as we age gravity assists in the degeneration of these, so we place a lot of emphasis on correcting deportment, posture and movements used in daily living.

We believe education is the key to being effective with these changes and we use simple ways to help each individual understand why something is happening and how to improve it.

At Back Fit we use direct and indirect techniques, which means we may work directly over an affected area or we can use indirect where we apply techniques to another point of the body, which will affect the point of the issue.

Most of all we love what we do!

Patient experience


First of all, you can expect a warm, professional welcome.

You will be taken through an in depth consultation, gathering the information of your previous history and present problem, with a full explanation of the treatment and what you can expect including the rehabilitation. We believe in a patient centred treatment, meaning that you are in control of your treatment and expressing your preferences.

On a first visit to Back Fit Clinical Therapies, everyone has a Full Unique Technique (F.U.T) Treatment as this allows for us to seek out the cause of the problem and not just head for the symptoms.

A warm cosy wooden treatment cabin welcomed me, my blood pressure taken, and I stripped to my underwear so that Liz could assess my posture. Then on the treatment bed with warm towels to cover me and the treatment began. Special oils to suit my current energy levels and a wonderful full body massage began with both Liz and Jess, her lovely daughter. - Tina Edwards

Over the last 32 years in clinic, Elizabeth has become very skilled at putting people at ease, some people may initially feel uncomfortable with undressing and if there are religious or other reasons to stay covered, this will also be catered for.

The waiting area is warm and comfortable and there are lots of informative books to read and water to drink on the side.

Elizabeth and Jessica love the natural environment and that is why they choose to work from a wooden cabin, surrounded by beautiful countryside which they feel adds to the healing experience.

The clinic now established in Birchington, has beautiful sea views and a feeling of space and relaxation.