Full Unique Technique (F.U.T)

The initial consultation and treatment takes 90 minutes, which includes taking a thorough case history from childhood to present day. Every aspect of the physical body is examined, incorporating emotional traumas, as the treatment is specific to each individual.

Having experienced back problems and visited many Chiropractors, Osteopaths and Physios over the years, coming to Backfit has helped me become pain free, without the use of medication for the first time since 1983 - Graham Dennis

The treatment is extremely relaxing and uses specific oils to aid recovery. The treatment works to adjust the body to its position of ease, or to its most functional position. This is applied through spinal adjustments and soft tissue alignments, rhythmic motions and tissue stretching. Due to the gentle nature of the treatment patients are advised to take it very easy for the next 5 days to allow the body to heal. After the treatment, advice is offered to continue the process of improvement, relating to postural correction and muscle imbalances, from a classical Pilates teacher and a level 4 personal trainer. The return treatment is usually 6 weeks later.

Elizabeth's total understanding of the workings and needs of the human body is second to none and her ability to share this with her patients’ interest in mind is made easy to understand - Gary Hopper

This treatment does not require weekly treatment due to its powerful effects.

This treatment was built on word of mouth recommendation and until now has never been advertised, which speaks for itself.