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Hello again, you really do need to listen up!!!

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We hear a lot, "I don't have time to do this, or do that" even if you know how much good it will do you. Where is the self love in that? This topic is short and to the point and WOW how much can it help you, in SO many ways. 🤗

How simple is it to change what we do in our daily routine? It is just a decision away, but to make that decision you have to have strong reasons, that either excites you, we mean really excites you, or makes so much sense you don't want to ignore it any more!
Once you have watched and listened to what we have to say on this subject, you will want to go and fetch that Water and start believing that you
"actually enjoy it" 

We challenge you to do it for 7 days

NAG OVER..... Here is some fabulous news!

The Back Fit! App that Jessica and I built during the time we had to close the clinic and have continued to build on, is really being noticed now and is gathering some brilliant reviews. 

This is wonderful news because it means we are helping people with back pain to really take control of their own health and improve their daily lives. You saw all the 'hype' we initially created to get people to engage.

The App which is now available on apple and android, laptop and iPad, is all about correcting your back and body issues. It is an educational program to teach you how to help yourself and it's fun, created in an entertaining way; how could it be less when it comes from Jessica and myself?🤗

The App now has 3 different programs and we are building more content weekly. We are so excited to be creating this to help others, so here is a little update for what is to come. So far we have the "Better Back, Better Life, Better YOU!" Then there is the "Pilates Focus Programwhich we will be building on continually too and recently we released the "Back Fit in 4"  program which includes lots of different ways to train your body, including Health Hacks to improve your daily life.

All this is created to engage and motivate you and your loved ones. 
Yes, we have family sharing, which means one can pay for the App and the family can share!

Our plan for this amazing platform is to create easy to follow, educational programs to cover many subjects. Next big project is;
Partner Massage... This will teach you to start from the beginning, all you need to know to be able to give a brilliant gift to those you love, partners, parents, children. Everyone has the ability to massage and make someone else feel better, with the right tools, skills and knowledge, you can be so effective and it is the most wonderful gift, especially in these strange times where it is harder and harder to get medical help and almost impossible to get hands on assistance.
We hope to deliver this for Christmas!

After that we would like to bring a whole Injury Program. This will cover the anatomy of each joint and the common problems that can affect those specific areas, How to treat it and how to strengthen and stretch the tissues to get you up and at it again! 

Have you ever suffered from Sciatica? Tennis Elbow? Shoulder Pain? Well wouldn't it be great if you could actually assess and treat all these areas and know what you are doing and how to improve it, without relying on being able to go to someone else for help.

I know a lot of people are turning into "Google Doctors"; you jump online and self diagnose and then you do exercises from the internet and then find you are in more pain. Imagine having the correct knowledge in your hands, on your phone, right there! 

I have been teaching all my life and now I can give out the knowledge and hidden secrets that I have gathered over the years to help you have an amazing life.

Pain and lack of Energy plague so many people, we are so passionate to help all those that engage with us, to change this and empower you to live your best lives.

WOW, we just could not help ourselves, we want you to join us and if you don't know what we are doing, that would not be fair on you🧡🙏 ️

May you all have a wonderful few weeks ahead and we will catch up again soon, please get in touch if you want to know more, also we have attached a link below, for you to have a nose🤗😉 

Love and energy as always
Liz and Jessica XX
Boo and Minnie🐾 

Upper Cross Syndrome

This could be you? To be honest we all have to a degree, and I would like to mention it just briefly.

If you stand yourself or your partner, up against the wall with your back to the wall and your feet just 2/3 inches away, you should be able to get you back, from the base of your spine up through your entire torso and the back of your head to almost meet with the wall. Try it...

If you find that when your lower back comes close to the wall and your shoulders lift off, or when you put the shoulders back and in contact with the wall, it leaves a big gap at your lower back, you are probably someone who has the above.

Is it bad? No, not necessarily, but it can lead to many problems and you may be suffering with its negative effects now. Because of the rotation it causes in the shoulder girdle, it can cause tension headaches, dizziness, shoulder pain, pain when lifting the arm, numbness in the fingers, pain in the upper back between the shoulder blades (scapula), to name a few.

Is it easily rectified? With education and a little hard work and dedication, in most cases it is! The cross (X) part refers to the muscles being tight in one section of the cross and loose in the other, therefore creating an imbalance in the way we function in the upper torso.

If we move and posture incorrectly for a long time this causes the body to compensate and over use one set of muscles and renders the opposing muscles inactive. To improve the situation, you need to first become aware of what is occurring and then set about correcting it, by stretching the tight set of muscles and then strengthening the weak (loose) set.

Simple? It really is! But you will need someone who is a specialist in anatomy and movement to help you to build a plan to correct it.

If you are suffering with any of the above, clinic and posture are my passion and I would love to help. There, so now you know a little about upper cross syndrome and how to test for it.

Love and energy,
Liz and Jessica x

Spring into Action

Back pain Versus Gardening

It is that time of year when we are excited about the prospect of getting out in the garden, being creative, feeling free and alive and fearing the outcomes of over doing it. Every year the same things crop up and it is a lucrative time for the back manipulator. But does it really have to be that way?

Having spent a long (certainly this year) winter indoors and many hours sitting for whatever reason, computer, sofa, chatting, it is time to get physical again! So let’s get to it, in a much more informed way. Don’t just march out into the garden and tackle it full on for 8 hours!!!

A few basic exercises could help warm you up ready to start, maybe a brisk walk around the block first to get the blood flowing through your system, just 5 minutes or so. Then some simple joint mobilisations, ankle and shoulder rotations, knee and hip flexion and extension ( sit down and stand up a few times) gentle looking from side to side with your head to warm up the neck and then simple side bends, keeping the body straight, with soft knees.

These few exercises before you start and thinking about how you will position yourself whilst working, the body/back doesn’t like to be static, so changing your posture regularly and taking breaks every hour, will ensure that your body isn’t being misused and if you feel discomfort, stop stretch and take a break.

Sounds too simple, that's why nobody does it! But looking after "you" doesn’t need to be complicated!

Love and energy,
Liz and Jessica x