Do you want to look like a healthy cow?

Healthy calves grow into healthy cows by drinking milk in its natural state just as nature intended.  Calves fed our pasteurized milk fail to thrive and their internal organs are sickly.  And dogs drink natural dog milk, natural horse milk is for humans need pasteurized, homogenized cows milk in order to be healthy humans?

Worldwide it is a minority of humans who consume milk after weaning, quite possibly because of a lack of enzymes to digest it.

Scientific papers do not support the notion of milk as a 'perfect food'.  Indeed scientists have linked milk with health problems including intestinal irritation, allergic reactions, heart disease and an increased risk of some cancers.

As someone who carries out food intolerance and sensitivity testing and advice, I know many people have problems digesting milk and feel so much better without it in their regular diet.  How about going dairy free for a while and see if any unpleasant symptoms subside?  This is especially recommended with a cold and / or congestion.  Rice milk, oat milk, almond milk and coconut milk are healthy alternatives which you can try.

Love and energy,
Liz and Jessica x

Avoid the white stuff – Part 2

'Avoid the white Stuff' continues this month because I want you to feel guilty - you might be harming yourself whenever you eat sugar.

According to an article in the British Medical Journal sugar should be classified as a drug as it is harmful and addictive.  We naturally gravitate to sweet tastes as in nature this indicates nutritious food to eat.  Nature has no refined sugars and here lies the problem for us.  Refined sugars, so common in most processed foods including savoury items, contain no food value and can draw essential minerals from our teeth and bones as well as making us fat and lethargic.

Biologically we should be eating sugars in their natural whole food state, for example a whole apple or carrot.  Refined sugars convert very rapidly into blood sugar which gives us a quick fix burst of energy, rapidly followed by a drop leaving us, at best, looking for more sugar.

For long, slow release of energy and a healthier body eat whole foods as close to natural as possible.  The more sugar you eat, the more you want.  Try without for a few days and notice the difference in your body, that is, once you get over the withdrawal symptoms.

Remember, sugar is like an addictive drug.

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‘Avoid the White Stuff’

If you have read much about healthy eating you will no doubt have come across 'Avoid the White Stuff'.  It is excellent advice to avoid white flour, white (and brown) sugar, white rice, white salt (unrefined salt is pink or grey) and to go easy on the milk.  The refining process strips vitamins, minerals and trace elements from whole foods rendering them something that will fill you but not feed you.  Digesting them can cause a further drain on your body's resources and clog you up.

Let's look at the first of these:
Our bodies are not designed to function on white flour although it has been an important part of our typical diet since the 19th century. Processed white flour is deficient in vitamins B and E and minerals including chromium, zinc and manganese. Do you think you need these nutrients?

Wholemeal bread and flour products would be a better choice, leaving white flour products such as pastry, biscuits and cake for occasional 'treats' only.  Or maybe you could substitute other grains for wheat?  Many people feel much better when they avoid eating wheat altogether; if you feel less fit than you should, this could be worth a try.

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Food for Thought

For food to feed our body it has to be well digested.
Digestion starts in our mind with our thoughts of anticipation; the sight and smell of food stimulates our digestive system to initiate the process.

The smell of food will stimulate us - one way or the other.  The colour will tempt us if it is good or tell us to leave the food alone if it is bad.  If you buy 'petrol station' food or any processed foods, these stimulants or warnings will be largely missing so digestion will be compromised.  Have you ever had indigestion after a bought pre packed lunch?

If a food will last on a supermarket shelf for days, weeks or months longer than one would expect of food in its natural state, it is the added preservatives keeping it there.  Just think what these additives may do once they are inside you.  My advice, give them a wide berth whenever you can and enjoy healthy digestion of foods in their natural state and save some money too.

Love and energy,
Liz and Jessica x

A Three Legged Stool

Being healthy is a bit like sitting on a three legged stool - if one of the legs has a bit missing you will be very uncomfortable, your spine will probably twist and you will end up hobbling through life.

Those three legs are Nutrition, Exercise and your Mind.  Surely they all need to be in balance and tip top condition if you are going to be fit and healthy and enjoying all life has for you?

There are many foundational principles for good nutrition yet in my opinion the number one spot has to go to WATER.  Most people are probably dehydrated, meaning that your internal organs are changing from 'plums' to 'prunes'.  Here is a simple self test to see how hydrated you are right now - pinch the fleshy bit of skin on the back of your hand about half way to your wrist between your thumb and first finger for about three seconds.  Now count the seconds until the skin returns to normal.  Anything over 10 and you had better run to the nearest tap!

Unless you have a kidney or heart problem you would be well advised to increase your filtered water consumption (including fruit / herb teas) to around 2 litres a day, more in hot weather or with exercise.  The older you are the more gradually you should increase.  Some people will need to plan the WC route for a while but I assure you things do settle down.  So drink up.

Love and energy,
Liz and Jessica x