Better Sleep this Autumn

Autumn is a wonderful time of year. It's not only beautiful, but we are also preparing to cope with the winter months. As with everything, preparation is the key !

Today we are giving you a short video to show you the best way to set up your body and align whilst you sleep, but there are many other things to take into consideration and factor in!

What is the best way to prepare for a good night's sleep?

Getting in the right frame of mind to settle down for the night and letting go of all the lists of things that are currently occupying your thoughts. Below is the information to work through and make sure you get the most effective sleep, so that you can enjoy your waking hours with more vitality and enthusiasm.

A short but concise video for a good nights sleep. Banish the aches and pains!

Here is our special "Getting Ready for a Good Night's Sleep" check list. Try to cover as much of it as you can, but we do appreciate you are always doing your best.

  • “You are not just your back”
  • You are a physical being! And your body is like the temple you set up home in.
  • Look around your home, right now, is it in good order? Is there different spaces in your home, places that encourage different activities, emotions, feelings?
    • The Kitchen/Dining room is usually for conversation and chatter or creating wonderful goodies.
    • The Lounge is for relaxing, resting or being entertained by the big box (TV) or a book shelf for reading or quiet reflection.
    • The Bathroom - a long soak in a relaxing bath or a quick shower to freshen up and re-energise!

You get the idea.. Your home is a well lived-in and organised space. You know what each part needs, and what makes it more comfortable for living in.

So, what about your temple?

How do you nurture this space that you live in?
(I will expand each topic over time!)
Is it well rested?
Do you sleep well?

Do you go to bed at a reasonable time? (10ish)

Do you walk into your bedroom and feel a sense of calm and literally feel your body sigh as if saying- "Great! Time to close down" ?

Sleep is imperative to healing. A good night's sleep, preceded by good amounts of Melatonin (the sleep hormone) .. may sound something like this:

You stopped eating at around 6-7 pm, and only had water to drink since then, so you are hydrated, but not saturated or you will be waking up to go to the loo.

Then your body can work on regenerating the body's joints, muscles, digestive system, skin, immune system, fascia - it can really focus as you relax and drift off to sleep! How wonderful!

There are many ways to improve sleep routines and help you out of any bad habits- change is never easy, but often it is necessary.

15 ways to improve poor sleep patterns.

  • If you have any current worries, write them all down in a pad and really allow yourself to let go and give it (the worry) to the paper.
  • Stop watching TV, iPad/Tablet, Phone, or blue light products 60 minutes before bed.
  • Do not charge your phone in your room, or at least away from your bed and out of reach, where the light won’t disturb you - unless you are on call, then that’s a different matter.
  • Have an old-fashioned alarm clock. Once you are used to waking at a certain time, your body clock will wake you anyway! Your body is so clever, it learns about you and your wants far easier than any computer.. (avoid setting multiple alarms or hitting the snooze button as this also sets up a bad energy pattern for the day). "The 5 Second Rule" a book by Mel Robbins is amazing at changing habits like this one! You can get the book or the audible version.
  • Make sure the room is not too warm - this will keep you turning all night. The body cools in sleep; that’s why when you have a nap, you can often feel cold for a short while after waking.
  • There should be proper window cover or black out blinds; so many studies have shown how any light (including a torch held over the leg) can cause waking and disturbed sleep. This has even been linked to breast cancer in ladies. So a nice dark room is best.
  • Noise, we are mostly extremely good at keeping our ears open, even at night, so if you are a light sleeper (I am, this I believe was due to being a single parent). Use ear plugs, if it is safe to do so; they block out so much other noise - you may have a partner who snores.. or maybe you are the snorer?!
  • If you or your partner snores, you need to practice nose breathing - we will cover this later.
  • If you read before bed, you don’t want over stimulation (horror, thriller, or even arousal) before sleep, so read something more factual in the last 30 mins .
  • Bathing before bed in a warm (not too hot) bath with 3-4 cups full of magnesium salts/flakes - soak for 20 mins, maybe add some of your favourite relaxing music, candles etc..
  • Spray you pillows with lavender oil and water- this is super easy to make and ensures a good rest.
  • The mattress should be less than 8 years old and turned regularly. You are on it for a long time (6-8 hours) so it is extremely important that it is comfortable.
  • Bedding - try to use as much natural fibres as possible and again don’t over heat the body. Maybe, if you are able to, you can have a window open for some fresh circulation of air (if it's not too noisy outside). Having a plant in your bedroom is also good for oxygen levels.
  • Sleep with pillows - see my video for optimal sleeping position. If you get everything else right, this is like the icing on the cake and possibly the most important one to follow for your body. It is scientifically proven that laying on the left hand side decreases the discomfort of GERD or acid reflux.
  • Use meditation or visualisation techniques as you drift off to sleep - picture joy, happiness, gratitude and love “No matter what’s gone on in the day”, bring peace and joy at night - let go of all fears, worries, arguments and allow healing to take place.

“Never go to sleep without a request to your subconscious”

Thomas Edison

Thank you so much for reading, watching and supporting us, please give us feedback and ask us what you would like information on and we will do our best to deliver, we love helping YOU. 👊❤

Love and energy as always
Liz and Jessica XX


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Our new Chair Pilates video.

We've created this, with the less able-bodied person in mind, so if you struggle getting up and down to or from the floor, this is an ideal way for you to exercise your body, strengthening your core and your back, all from your chair!

Please enjoy! If you do, please feed back to us so we can create more like this for you. 😀

Beginner Chair Pilates
This is very basic. We will add to this, but we are releasing it to see how many people can utilise it.

What you need for the Class.

  • Some water to drink 😉
  • A band
  • A laptop/iPad/tablet to watch from, or a smart TV, so that you can see it
  • A cushion or a ball

Please try to do this routine every day, or at least 4 times a week, build it in like brushing your teeth, it's definitely as important. 😂

Online Consultations

Please do not forget that we now offer one to one online consultations, so we are still here to help and have already been working with patients in pain to relieve the symptoms remotely. How? you ask.....
We use all the tools we have and even instruct people within your own home to assist with the treatment, it works brilliantly and we are doing it all for Donations only until the 17th April, so give it a go. Also if you know someone who is suffering, or you think we could help, please share 😊

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