Spring into Action😁

Life is picking up and the slow climb out of lockdown is on its way!

This is a fabulous time to start planning the summer and thinking about all the people that you want to re connect with. We all love connection. In fact it is the stuff that keeps us alive. Who would have thought we would be in this tough environment for so long? Many of us have been super lucky to have open spaces to walk and think in. We are the lucky ones.

I am totally committed to driving Back Fit Clinical Therapies forward and giving more help to more people. We have the online “Better Back” course now which is becoming well established and there is also the Free Rehab Library, which will constantly be updated each time that I can film more clips to help with pain and problems at home.

Back Pain Versus Gardening

It is that time of year when we are excited about the prospect of getting out in the garden, being creative, feeling free and alive and fearing the outcomes of over doing it. Every year the same things crop up and it is a lucrative time for the back manipulator. But does it really have to be that way?

Having spent a long (certainly this year) winter indoors and many hours sitting for whatever reason, computer, sofa, chatting, it is time to get physical again! So, let’s get to it, in a much more informed way. Don’t just march out into the garden and tackle it full on for 8 hours!!!

A few basic exercises could help warm you up, ready to start.

  • A brisk walk around the block first to get the blood flowing through your system, just 5 minutes or so.
  • Then some simple joint mobilisations.
  • Ankle and shoulder rotations.
  • Knee and hip flexion and extension (sit down and stand up a few times).
  • Gentle looking from side to side with your head to warm up the neck.
  • Simple side bends, keeping the body straight, with soft knees.

How to position yourself whilst working.

The body/back doesn’t like to be static, so changing your posture regularly and taking breaks every hour, will ensure that your body isn’t being misused and if you feel discomfort, stop stretch and take a break.

Sounds too simple, that’s why nobody does it! But looking after YOU does not need to be complicated!

Happy Gardening Everyone

Love and Energy

Liz and Boo xx

Happy Easter and Happy Gardening!

Happy Easter to you all…..🐣Watch this little clip to prevent or release neck pain!#

Not the prettiest view and COVID mask on, but this is a great tool if you are experiencing headaches, neck pain and shoulder issues. Freeing the nerves and the blood supply to restore some normality 🥳

I would like to give a massive Thank You for all the positive feedback on the price increase. It was a tough decision and if you know me well, you will know it was not easy to do! However it does mean the Back Fit and all the Love and help we offer, will still be here when you need us. As I said in the last few Newsletters, It really has been a tough year for many, and we were part of the few who did not qualify for any government support, so still being here is a little miracle.🙏✨
Other news
Sadly our wonderful Jessica is moving on and building a new role for herself, possibly as a teaching assistant in school and exploring other avenues, which I think you would agree, she will be amazing at. She has spent 10 years working for the family and now needs to form her own ideas. She will also be working on her Yoga and offering sessions in our studio, so its not goodbye and you never know she maybe back 😊
She sends you all love and energy xx

Easter is here and the gardens are calling us to get outside again…
Please be mindful of the fact that, if you have spent a period of the winter, letting your bottom chill out in front of the TV and haven’t been as active as normal, please take regular breaks, stand up fully and stretch towards the sky with your hands, this will create a positive arch in the lower spine and make the neighbours think you have gone completely bonkers 😂😂
 On that note its time to say see you again soon and have a
wonderful Easter weekend.
Love and Energy
Liz and Boo XX

Here is your first Pilates Class with us.

This is our gift to you, to relieve some stress in these strange times. Whilst you have the time on your hands, why not increase your back strength and function, at the same time as helping you feel great and toning your lovely body.

This is the Prelude to the full class, it will give you the foundation to class 1. You need to follow this video first and you can watch it before doing it with me, if you like, it’s only 10 minutes 😁

Beginner Pilates 1
This is it, its not perfect editing, as we are learning on the go, but it is very interactive and fun, even a little funny, especially the end!
This will with practice and dedication, create a strong, healthy and functional body. Pilates main aim is to strengthen the back and after years of doing and teaching it, I know it works.

What you need for the Class.

  • Some water to drink 😉
  • Enough space to lay down fully stretched
  • A mat that will support your body (couple of bath towels)
  • A laptop/iPad/tablet to watch from or a smart TV, so that you can see it
  • A hand towel as a prop for head or back

Please try to do this routine every day, or at least 4 times a week, build it in like brushing your teeth, its definitely as important, and the next class is coming soon and you want to be ready 😂

Online Consultations

Please do not forget that we now offer one to one online consultations, so we are still here to help and have already been working with patients in pain to relieve the symptoms remotely. How? you ask…..
We use all the tools we have and even instruct people within your own home to assist with the treatment, it works brilliantly and we are doing it all for Donations only until the 17th April, so give it a go. Also if you know someone who is suffering, or you think we could help, please share 😊

Next Newsletter

In the next episode we will be doing a complete posture video for anyone who is missing my nagging and needs a little reminder 👀

Check out our NEW Facebook page and give us a like, as we are updating it regularly, its a great way for us to stay in touch and for us to keep providing little tips and clips for massage and Pilates.

Love and Energy from Liz and Jessica x
Please send us what you’ve been up to, we love hearing from everyone, we’re missing you all!

Stay Safe, see you soon xx