I am a tall, 60 year old accountant with chronically poor posture which has resulted in many years of back pain and severe tension in my neck and shoulders. I have received treatment with various osteopaths and chiropractors but any benefits were short lived.

Liz was recommended to me by a colleague at the time she was setting up Rugg-Easey Fitness and Therapy. I believe I was one of her first clients and I have been receiving regular treatment ever since.

My mobility was decreasing to an alarming level and the movement in my neck was so limited I had to turn my whole body to look sideways making driving very uncomfortable and difficult. Liz has transformed my life with her astounding armoury of techniques, skills and dedication. She relishes the challenge of a new problem and does not rest until she has solved it. Until now she has never let me down and has managed to find a way of curing all manner of problems including two frozen shoulders and trapped nerves. I rarely have back problems now and when I do they normally last one or two days at the most compared with the weeks and months of suffering previously.

More recently, Liz has provided me with an exercise programme and is encouraging me to build up my muscle and exercise regularly. I am, along with my wife, also attending one of her weekly Pilates classes. I didn’t get the choice! I am pleased to say that my mother, in her late eighties, finally agreed to have some treatment with Liz. Like me, her mobility also deteriorated but in her case very rapidly. She reached the stage where she could only walk very short distances. She refused to have treatment for many months and, although in my heart I felt she had left it too long, I finally persuaded her to have a home visit from Liz. A few days after the first treatment my mother, amazingly, managed to walk around a garden centre and a shopping centre on the same day.

As I mentioned previously, when I first met Liz I had very bad posture. I still do and have been working on it from then until now. During all that time Liz has been reminding me to “pull in and pull up”. A lesser person would have given up on me but Liz has a remarkable passion for her job and I am always confident that whatever pain I present her with she will be able to sort it out. I am always wary of recommending people but I would never worry about recommending her because I know what she can achieve.

― Nick S