Elizabeth Rugg-Easey M.Ost MAO(manip)

liz-colour-spineElizabeth was lucky that she realised from a young age what she wanted to do in life and has been fortunate enough to follow that career. She had her first Clinic when she was just 18 years old.

She has been a therapist now for 33 years and still loves everything about it. She never ceases to be amazed by the body and its ability to self-heal or self-destruct.

The best thing about Liz is she doesn’t do it for money, she does it because she genuinely cares. In fact I’m pretty sure if she could help people for free she would! - Mike Jongbloet

Elizabeth's ethos and work ethics are to give the best, to everyone she treats and to continually update and improve her skills. Her aim is to educate as many people as possible, to live healthy, strong, physical and emotionally balanced lives. Understanding that everybody is an individual and each body will respond differently, to everything.

In 1996, she qualified as Personal Trainer Level 4 and Sports Therapist to improve the strength and healing ability of the body and mind. One of her key points is to empower others to know that they CAN, no matter what.

In 2008, Elizabeth went on to qualify as a Pilates instructor and taught between 12 and 15 classes a week for 7 years, which complimented her therapy work and helped many rehabilitate their backs and bodies. She is a great advocate of Pilates and now offers one to one training in the clinic.

In 2017, she achieved her long term dream of  becoming a qualified Osteopath M.Ost. Finishing her 4 year degree from the University of Greenwich with a 2:1. This enabled her to extend her treatment repertoire, offering an even wider range of therapy and rehab for individual patients.

In 2019, Elizabeth became an Osteomyologist, as this allows her the freedom to treat each individual with specific modalities.

In her personal life, Elizabeth loves to spend time with her two children (17 and 25) and her whippet (Llara) enjoying the outside world. She has completed 3 marathons, a triathlon and many cycling adventures including the Ride London 100. She enjoys all sports specifically running, cycling, golf and Skiing. She also likes to collect for charities when doing events as a way to give back.

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