This is a well-known and highly regarded technique within the medical profession. Elizabeth is the resident Osteomyologist for Back Fit and following a 32-year career in sports and Remedial therapies; she then studied a further 4 years full-time for her Masters, gaining a 2:1 with honours, at the European School of Osteopathy.

This treatment offers a wide variety of techniques, including Mobilisation, spinal adjustments, joint alignments, Muscle Energy Techniques (MET), soft tissue manipulation, visceral and neural techniques, the list is endless and everything is applied appropriately for the individuals need, relating to age, injury or condition.

The wellbeing of my whole body which is now energised and back in balance - Lynn Scales

The aim of this treatment is to restore the tissues to normal or improved function. The session will be based around the specific problem presented with any related issues addressed in the process.

Patients can expect a comfortable treatment, which holds the patient's' wishes at its centre. The patient will always need to give consent for the type of treatment given, therefore allowing the patient ‘shared decision making’ for the session. An explanation of what is suggested will be given prior to the treatment.

Elizabeth will always check the case history and if there are any changes since you’re last visit. Pre-treatment testing and post treatment rehabilitation advice can be expected with every session.

Elizabeth is extremely passionate in her work and loves to receive feedback from her patients.