I found Liz via a friend whose young granddaughter had been helped to recover from a mobility issue. On and off and more on than off these days, since I’ve reached a “certain age” I’ve suffered from lower back problems and now also with sciatica so that I’ve had to crawl up stairs, reduce walking my dogs and get back ache just standing whilst cooking etc. I’ve seen various osteopaths and chiropractors over the years and discovered that the issues stem from my spine and pelvis. Basically, all due to poor posture, driving for long periods and loss of flexibility and muscle strength. As the other practitioners treatments didn’t last long, I decided to see Liz.

A warm cosy wooden treatment cabin welcomed me, my blood pressure taken, and I stripped to my underwear so that Liz could assess my posture. Then on the treatment bed with warm towels to cover me and the treatment began. Special oils to suit my current energy levels and a wonderful full body massage began with both Liz and Jess, her lovely daughter. During this Liz assessed the areas of my frame that needed specialist work. This was done in a totally unique manner with none of the previous clicking and jerking of limbs. Very gentle lifting and putting tension on legs or arms, with detailed instructions of how to breathe and change position to help spine and pelvis back into alignment.

Various advice on gentle exercises to maintain the correction, and to take things easy (no gardening etc! for a few days) and I felt on top of the world.

― Tina E