I must tell you, again, how pleased I am at the amazing progress made, since my first visit.

When I arrived for my first appointment I could hardly walk and had been on very strong painkillers for months, due to the two disc problems confirmed by MRI.

Soon after your first treatment I started to slowly improve. But it was following the second appointment that was even more amazing, I'd even say miraculous.

The very next day I had lost my limp, was walking normally and was completely pain free. I stopped taking the GP prescribed strong painkillers immediately and for the first time in over 6 months, felt I was going to fully recover. I have since returned to Pilates and the gym, and continue to improve, with a clear head.

I am so grateful I was introduced to you both and cannot thank you enough!

Keith W

I was first introduced to Liz at Back Fit by my dad many years ago.

From the first moment we met, her kindness, warmth and natural honesty blue me away. I could sense immediately that the most important thing to Liz is making you better and knowing that you are okay. She is almost embarrassed to take your money because first and foremost, she really just wants to help. Even though the service she provides is worth every single penny and more!

Over the years, she has helped me correct serious posture issues due to me being slumped over a desk on a computer for most of my working life. This came to a head around ten years ago when I started having severe vertigo, dizziness, neck pain, anxiety and panic attacks.

Over the course of several sessions with Liz, I felt incredible and I was able to live my life and feel normal again. Because of Liz, I have never had to be on medication for these issues and I am eternally grateful for that. She knows the body inside and out and her unique service means I would (and have) recommended her to everyone I know.

I could go on all day about how much Liz has helped me in my life, not just physically but emotionally too. She really takes time to get to know you in the treatments you have with her, making you feel really special and like you are floating on a cloud afterwards. I have had many massages in other places, but nothing compares to Liz and how she has improved my general health and wellbeing since I met her all those years ago.

If you are considering contacting Back Fit, just do it. It will be the best thing you ever do for yourself.

Paula S

After using various physicians for back problems relating to my heavy physical job. I was introduced to Liz and Jess at the Back Fit practice. I had, prior to seeing them been using a chiropractor on a fortnightly basis with varying success.

Liz immediately identified some lifestyle and posture issues that were not helping, and set to work using a “Full unique technique” A surreal experience which relaxed my whole body. After the follow up a month later, I managed to go nearly five months before my next treatment. I actually felt normal after almost forgetting what that felt like.

I would highly recommend the Backfit Clinic.

Luke T

I found Liz via a friend whose young granddaughter had been helped to recover from a mobility issue. On and off and more on than off these days, since I’ve reached a “certain age” I’ve suffered from lower back problems and now also with sciatica so that I’ve had to crawl up stairs, reduce walking my dogs and get back ache just standing whilst cooking etc. I’ve seen various osteopaths and chiropractors over the years and discovered that the issues stem from my spine and pelvis. Basically, all due to poor posture, driving for long periods and loss of flexibility and muscle strength. As the other practitioners treatments didn’t last long, I decided to see Liz.

A warm cosy wooden treatment cabin welcomed me, my blood pressure taken, and I stripped to my underwear so that Liz could assess my posture. Then on the treatment bed with warm towels to cover me and the treatment began. Special oils to suit my current energy levels and a wonderful full body massage began with both Liz and Jess, her lovely daughter. During this Liz assessed the areas of my frame that needed specialist work. This was done in a totally unique manner with none of the previous clicking and jerking of limbs. Very gentle lifting and putting tension on legs or arms, with detailed instructions of how to breathe and change position to help spine and pelvis back into alignment.

Various advice on gentle exercises to maintain the correction, and to take things easy (no gardening etc! for a few days) and I felt on top of the world.

Tina E

I have been visiting Liz for Osteopathy treatment for over a year now having had back and shoulder problems for a long time. Liz and her daughter Jess have helped me considerably with both of my issues. I find their hands on manipulation treatment of great benefit to me in my goal of being pain free. Their environment is relaxed and friendly. I would certainly recommend Back Fit to anyone seeking help with back, shoulder and postural challenges.

Sue S

I'm tall and lanky, so back problems and I are well acquainted. I went to see Liz after screwing up my neck and being overcharged by another back specialist, who wanted me to sign up to a treatment plan costing over £800.

Liz sorted the issue within two sessions, and over the past year has helped me maintain better posture to keep any problems in check.

The best thing about Liz is she doesn't do it for money, she does it because she genuinely cares. In fact I'm pretty sure if she could help people for free she would!

She's easy to chat to, takes a real interest and puts you at complete ease.

Mike J

As a ‘bad back’ sufferer, I find Elizabeth’s Pilates classes invaluable. Not only do they help to keep me pain free, but strengthening my ‘core’ and flattening my tummy helps my clothes fit better too!


My back was in a pretty poor state when I first went to see Elizabeth and Jess. Over the weeks and months the care, attention and specialist help I have received, has not only transformed my back, but also the well being of my whole body which is now energised and back in balance. Thankyou.

Lynn S

I have suffered with upper and lower spine problems for 30+ years following an accident. Over time, I have tried all sorts of treatments, physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractors, sports massage, acupuncture with varying degrees of success, but I’ve needed to support the treatment with a cocktail of paracetamol, ibuprofen and, at times, codeine.

A friend suggested I try Backfit and I’m so pleased I did. Their treatment is different to other therapies I have tried in so far as they do not just treat the symptoms but the body as a whole, almost resetting it. Their treatment is gentle, relaxing and there’s no ‘bone crunching’ but perhaps what makes Backfit different is their focus on ‘aftercare’. I was asked to change my posture, given a variety of exercises and told that the key to improvement was to follow the programme rigorously.

Their treatment has worked well for me, probably best evidenced by the fact that the time between treatments continues to increase and my intake of supplementary pain relief has reduced significantly. The key though is the exercise programme and changing posture, the latter being especially difficult as I was so set in my way. It felt very strange standing differently and it has taken quite some time to get used to it however I now reached the stage where it feels more unnatural standing the old way. All I can say is that it has been worth the persevering as I’m now really feeling the benefits.

I’d have no hesitation in recommending them.

Graham D

Elizabeth Rugg-Easey is dedicated to improving the quality of life. She is skilled in Holistic treatment, Remedial massage and fitness training. Elizabeth is always cheerful and sympathetic, whilst dealing with both of our long term aches and pains and the occasional accidental damage. We don’t know what we would do without her-she’s a gem. Thank you Liz.

Martin and Gaye