New from March 2020 we have introduced our beginners course in progressive Pilates.

We have created this specifically with back pain sufferers in mind. We are hugely passionate about helping people to take back control and empower them to be fully responsible for their own ability to live a fabulous life.

History of why?

Over the years Elizabeth has personally treated patients who have spent a life of chasing around Doctors, Chiropractors, Osteopaths and Physio Therapists only to be given a short term relief, if any. Having experienced extreme back pain herself for many years in her 20's and 30s she knew there had to be a better way.

Qualified as a personal trainer and therapist, with her first clinic at the age of 18, Elizabeth was fit, but after her second child was born, she also suffered post natal depression, stress incontinence and everything became a bit of a struggle, even with lifting her son into a cot, sometimes leaving her unable to move, let alone treat others. This was heart breaking as she was also a single mum and needed to keep going. This forced her to seek more tools/actions she could throw into the mix. She had been watching Pilates techniques for some time and even sending her therapy patients to Pilates teachers, once they had gone through her rehabilitation.

In 2008 Elizabeth decided that she really wanted to make a difference to her own issues (stress incontinence and chronic back pain episodes)  and enrolled on a brilliant Pilates training course in Milton Keynes.

"It changed everything, I was in agony over the first few weeks of learning to teach and do Pilates. I was shocked that I was so fit and yet it was clear that my fitness was not core fit, I looked the part, but it was shallow. Once my ego settled down, the passion ignited and I was sold for life..."

Back rehabilitation was always key in her work, but now she could teach others what she had learnt, along with integrating her own therapies and training skills to really focus on back strengthening and functionality. She taught 12-15 classes per week for years. "Pilates is energising and even though you may work really hard you always finish feeling amazing 😁"

"The results that people achieved and the joy they felt, from being able to control their own health when it came to the back, was extremely rewarding to observe, instead of watching them give their control away to other parties."

  • Have you had back issues?
  • Back pain?
  • Problems relating to the nerves in your back?
  • Would You like to take back control?
  • Or do you know someone who needs to?
  • Let us help! Get in touch.

We have designed this beginner course specifically with you in mind. We will be here to help you every step of the way. You can do it in your own time, in your own home and contact us directly for help.

See course below. The whole course (10 videos/6 classes) with support is just £30 payable to Back Fit. Please call, SMS or email for more details.

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