PNF Stretch (lower)

'Fit in 4 Weeks' Course - Week 4, Day 4

Flexibility - lower body PNF

PNF Floor Lower Body
(Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation)

Make sure you have warmed up your muscles and are ready to Stretch. All the stretches use a contraction of 20% for 7 seconds, followed by an assisted stretch for 10 seconds - 3 times each. Always do both sides of the body. To create the pressure use a hand towel. You can print out these notes for your own reference, and add any notes you need..

  • Hamstring and Calves: laying face up, core always engaged, lay on an exercise mat.
  • Quads (front of thigh muscles): lay face down. If you have back pain history please place a pillow under the tummy/ hip area. You may also feel better with a support under the ankles.
  • Hip Flexors: kneel on a mat and the hand towel with the hip you are going to stretch and the other leg a stride in front, with the knee bent at more than 90 degrees and keep the legs hip width apart for balance. Keep your back upright and your core engaged.

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