Back Fit!

At Back Fit we have now created our own APP!

Bringing our beautiful studio to your home or wherever you may be, so you can learn from our informative workshops, restore your body with our easy to follow classes and give your mind some TLC ❤️

Hi Everyone! Liz and Jessica here and we want to tell you about our app!…

What’s included?

We have created this app with you in mind, we understand it can be hard to get to classes or fit more into your day – that is why everything is in bitesized chunks for you to fit in when is convenient in your day… That said we also strongly believe in self-care, its extremely important to carve out some YOU time to improve your life!

The first 6 week challenge incorporates the very foundations to build your core strength which is imperative to supporting your back and therefore your life! We do this through Pilates lessons, which take you through step by step with a real beginner 😊 (and compact versions to save you time to get on with fulfilling your day). There are also CORE and GLUTE focus workouts to really give you that extra burn in under 5 minutes! 🔥 We are all about keeping it real and achievable – we are humans too!

‘Perfect Posture Promotes Peak Performance’ – Elizabeth Rugg-Easey.

We believe posture is one of the most important parts of functionality and whole body health, so we have also included posture specific stretches and workouts you can do anywhere, anytime 👊 (minimal to no equipment is needed for this course to make it accessible to everyone)

The 6 week ‘Better Back, Better Life, Better YOU!’ Challenge is set out in weeks and days to make it easy to follow and build a routine, we strongly recommend following the course day by day, as it has been specifically designed in this order for you. We understand everybody is individual and everyone is at different levels so you can take it at your own pace, just don’t jump ahead!

As well as the physical aspect of building a stronger core and body, we have also incorporated sessions to help heal your mind. The Mind and Body are one after all – you can’t heal one without the other! You will be given guided visualisations to restore your mind – body connection and meditations to help you relax and let go of life’s daily stresses – which build up and then manifest as tensions or pain in your body!

And it doesn’t stop there! We really want to help you make a difference, not just by overloading you with loads of information you don’t know what to do with, but by giving you real tools to use in your every life. There are workshops and informative videos so you can learn a bit about your body and how to use it 😉 keeping the waffle to a minimum.

We talk about journalling, affirmations, goal setting, play, sleep and how to implement them in your daily life to really maximise your results make a positive life long change.

There are also printables – PDF’s to go along with the classes, nutritional advice and some great recipes, info sheets, ready to use goal setter and Back Fit Warrior 6 week challenge checklist to track your progress and where you might need to focus a little more 💪

Why Wait?

Become a Back Fit Warrior Today!

From Back Fit

At Back Fit our aim is to bring our knowledge and experience of healing the Body (and Mind) to the wider world, to give you YOUR POWER back and to take back control of YOUR LIFE.

Healing must begin with the self, only then can we begin to heal the world. 🌍🌱

We have really poured our hearts and souls into putting it all together and keeping a very personal experience, this we intend to maintain as we grow and improve the app. We have so many ideas and so much more we wish to bring to you, so we will be adding new programs to the app such as: Rehabilitation, Self and Couple/Partner Massage, Yoga, Pilates, Self-Care and Essential Oils, Nutrition, Meditation and Visualisation..

Where can you find the APP?

You can find our App in the Apple store (how exciting 😁), just type in ‘back fit!‘ (with the exclamation mark) and you’ll see our icon 👇

Also now published on Google Play for Android! More details here.