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Here's one of our courses, with a message from Elizabeth....

6 Week 'Better Back, Better Life, Better YOU' Challenge!


 Are you suffering from Back Pain and is it affecting the way you live your life ?
 How are you supposed to live your most amazing life, if you are in constant fear of your back  pain. 😱

Is it actually possible to live a full, active and amazing life without back pain, frustration, exhaustion and anger, at not being able to move freely throughout life, without becoming “an angry bear”?! 🤯 

I bet you’ve tried medication, manipulation/therapy and exercise routines... And nothing has quite worked for you, right?

Maybe you have had short term relief and then find yourself straight back in the chronic pain cycle?

How do you find the ⏰ TIME ⏰ for yourself and your needs… if you're a parent, wife, husband, grandparent or carer and have a full time job?

How do you justify spending money on an expensive gym membership if you barely go?

 😨 Why is it so nerve-racking to ‘trust again’ thinking that maybe someone can really help you? Maybe because you have been let down so many times and failing to achieve your desired results?

Is the constant battle to physically live your best life really worth it?

Can you really get Back Fit without going through a world of Pain.

🤔 Is your Back Pain affecting the way you think and feel about the future? Has it stolen your dreams?

🤔 Do you even have the willpower to keep going?

🤔Is your pain stopping you from interacting, playing sports or having fun with the family?

🤔 Do you manage to fit exercise in? Do you even make time for yourself?

🤔 Is your Pain preventing you from going to work or affecting your ability to work because of your lack of focus, due to the pain?

🤔 Are you sick of saying NO to opportunities, because of your pain?

🤔 Are you sick of too much advice and nothing seems to work for you?


If any (or all) of the above questions run through your head… day after day… I might be able to help.

 Hey, it's Elizabeth here… 👋 

And, while I don't claim to know it all, I HAVE helped Hundreds of Back Pain sufferers transform their body & life by creating a sustainable step by step action plan, using my experience and knowledge gained over the past 30 years. We now call them “Back Fit Warriors” 💪

 And yet… 

Not that long ago, up to 16 years ago, I was in your shoes.

Those early days were rough, as a single mum, Personal Trainer and Therapist, I really felt I was failing. I had severe Back Pain and Stress Incontinence. Which of course I had to hide from my professional life.

 I'd take a step forward, only to take three more back. I was drowning in desperation at not being able to cope with daily chores, let alone being physically active with friends and family.

So, if what you are going through right now sounds similar... 

Let me give you a road map, so that you stop hitting dead ends or getting lost on back roads, and instead take the fast lane to a Super Fit Back that allows you to live a life you can be proud of. 

Let me show you how you can create a  “Better Back, Better Life, Better YOU”  💪

 👇 Here is what I’m proposing. 👇

 I’ve had a TONNE of Back Pain sufferers reach out to me asking for my help.

So I had this crazy idea to build a step-by-step plan to guide you from a world filled with Back Pain to living and moving with confidence and ease in just 6 weeks.  No fluff. No messing around, just a simple plan to take you from Back Pain to Back Fit, living your most amazing life, with more confidence, energy and maybe even dream again...

✅ How can you become part of our online BackFit Warrior Community with access to our 6-week course of guided Pilates routines, isometrics, stretches, strength-building exercises, motivational meditations and other tips to help you free yourself and achieve a 'Better Back, Better Life, Better YOU'👉

Simply go to our new website on your iPhone, iPad or Android phone, or go to
this link for more details.

 Love and Energy Elizabeth and Jessica

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