Falls Prevention workout

(for use in the home )

Hello to you all 😊👍🏻

Jessica and I have been creating again and now have some helpful advice and a couple of little videos to share with you. If you do not have use for them, please share with an elderly family member or a neighbour, or someone who it could help support through these tough and somewhat isolating times.

Please make sure that the recipient watches the Intro first, as we have made the workout doable on a daily basis, but no one wants to have an Intro explanation of it every time 😁😂 All our videos that we send through these Blog updates are free and downloadable so please download them to your device and have them to hand for when they are needed.....

You can see all our free videos on our YouTube Channel

This is the short Intro!
Here is the daily routine to help stay strong and on your feet without becoming more unstable and weaker. If you were part of a Falls Prevention class before this COVID-19 Pandemic started, you may have only been able to attend a class once per week; now you can use this on a daily basis to really help you regain the strength and mobility to stay more independent.

"It's been Raining" 

Jessica and I went for an adventurous walk in the torrential rain the other day and were so excited that our dogs had new waterproof togs to keep them dry, but what was hilarious was that we put on our wet gear, only to find out that we were drenched within seconds; not only were our clothes totally absorbent to the rain, but also we looked very hunched and cold. If only our patients could have seen our "Postures" then!!! 😁

So the moral of our short story is, there is no such thing as bad weather, only poor clothing.... Please invest in clothing that keeps you dry and warm and your beautiful "upright Posture" will not be compromised. Autumn and winter are wonderful seasons and the colours and fresh air make us feel amazing, so get out there and spoil yourselves and not just your Pooches.


Please feedback to us on what you would like help with, as we want to serve you in the best way possible, we love helping and we would like to give you what you need...... Text us, we love hearing from you....Love and Energy

Liz and Jessica XXX

Minnie and Boo




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