We've created this, with the less able-bodied person in mind, so if you struggle getting up and down to or from the floor, this is an ideal way for you to exercise your body, strengthening your core and your back, all from your chair!

Please enjoy! If you do, please feed back to us so we can create more like this for you. 😀

Beginner Chair Pilates
This is very basic. We will add to this, but we are releasing it to see how many people can utilise it.

What you need for the Class.

  • Some water to drink 😉
  • A band
  • A laptop/iPad/tablet to watch from, or a smart TV, so that you can see it
  • A cushion or a ball

Please try to do this routine every day, or at least 4 times a week, build it in like brushing your teeth, it's definitely as important. 😂

Online Consultations

Please do not forget that we now offer one to one online consultations, so we are still here to help and have already been working with patients in pain to relieve the symptoms remotely. How? you ask.....
We use all the tools we have and even instruct people within your own home to assist with the treatment, it works brilliantly and we are doing it all for Donations only until the 17th April, so give it a go. Also if you know someone who is suffering, or you think we could help, please share 😊

Next Newsletter

In the next episode we will be doing a complete posture video for anyone who is missing my nagging and needs a little reminder 👀

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Love and Energy from Liz and Jessica x
Please send us what you've been up to, we love hearing from everyone, we're missing you all!

Stay Safe, see you soon xx

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