Best Diet, Perfect Diet, Performance Diet, Fun Diet

These and countless others are being promoted for your new year purging after recent (and not so recent) binges.

'diet' means a regulated selection
'purge' means to remove; rid of sin or guilt
'binge' means unrestrained self-indulgence

Every diet has worked for someone, yet quite probably won't work for you.

Why?  I'll offer just one reason for now -

We live in a culture of binge and purge.  A new diet (and diet equals deprivation) idea works for say three weeks, then temptation, hunger or convenience rise up and just a little something you like becomes bigger and bigger and...

So either you live with a few more pounds than you started with or get back onto the diet treadmill for another willpower workout.

Forget it.

Eat healthy, natural foods as much as you possibly can, avoiding all those things you know to avoid because they:

  • make you fat
  • make you tired
  • waste your hard earned money
  • raise your blood pressure
  • give you indigestion
  • bring you out in spots

and let wholesome foods do all the hard work for your body.

If you are serious about a life change then Keto diets are much the same as we had in the olden days, less choice and healthier options. There are plenty of books in our waiting room to leaf through and we can give first hand advice as we also do the keto and intermittent fasting for great health.

Love and energy,
Liz and Jessica x

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