Salt or no salt?

'Low salt', 'no salt', 'salt substitute' - you've heard it all before.  There are hundreds of salts in nature, so it is left to our assumption that these references are to the common salt used in your kitchen.  So how can salt be worth its weight in gold in some cultures? Or have been used by healers for centuries?  Or why do animals need a salt lick?

Our body holds water inside and outside cells and salt is needed to keep the balance.  To read up on over 25 functions of salt in your body pick up a copy of 'Water & Salt your healers from within' by Dr F Batmanghelidj.  You can also listen to some recorded interviews with the Dr and Tony Robbins on this link

Regular table salt has had its minerals removed (and maybe sold to animal food processors) and its chemical structure altered by intense heat, leaving a poison which you will need to flush out of your body.  So yes, avoid this salt like the plague.  Be wary of rock and sea salts which can also be mineral deficient and subjected to heat processing.  Stick with unrefined sea salt (Celtic or Atlantic) or Himalayan Rock Salt and you will be consuming a natural product, processed by nature and still retaining over 80 minerals to feed your body and bones.

I have found Atlantic Sea Salt in Canterbury Wholefoods and Wingham Farmers Market.  Celtic Sea Salt in shaker tubs is available from me, Nicola at Plus Nutrition!

Love and energy,
Liz and Jessica x

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