A Three Legged Stool

Being healthy is a bit like sitting on a three legged stool - if one of the legs has a bit missing you will be very uncomfortable, your spine will probably twist and you will end up hobbling through life.

Those three legs are Nutrition, Exercise and your Mind.  Surely they all need to be in balance and tip top condition if you are going to be fit and healthy and enjoying all life has for you?

There are many foundational principles for good nutrition yet in my opinion the number one spot has to go to WATER.  Most people are probably dehydrated, meaning that your internal organs are changing from 'plums' to 'prunes'.  Here is a simple self test to see how hydrated you are right now - pinch the fleshy bit of skin on the back of your hand about half way to your wrist between your thumb and first finger for about three seconds.  Now count the seconds until the skin returns to normal.  Anything over 10 and you had better run to the nearest tap!

Unless you have a kidney or heart problem you would be well advised to increase your filtered water consumption (including fruit / herb teas) to around 2 litres a day, more in hot weather or with exercise.  The older you are the more gradually you should increase.  Some people will need to plan the WC route for a while but I assure you things do settle down.  So drink up.

Love and energy,
Liz and Jessica x

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