The Five ‘P’s

"Perfect Posture Promotes Peak Performance"

Your posture affects your physical and mental ability.

Get it right and you feel "on top of the world".

Get it wrong and you feel "the world on your shoulders!"

What is Riders Fitness?

Riders Fitness Created by Elizabeth for riders of all levels. Elizabeth has been riding all her life, competing in many disciplines including dressage, showing, racing and working in the Fitness and Therapy industry for over 30 years. She has combined both of her passions to enable the human and the horse have a much more equal relationship.The horse was not created to carry man and we need to do all we can to make this a more pleasurable experience for them. We continually work our horse to get it fit for specific competitions, but what about our preparation, before we even attempt to mount! Hmmm The training aims to improve specific areas of our fitness.

  • Improved flexibility, through dynamic, developmental and static stretching, specific to riding.
  • increase in total body strength, from training with objects, body weight and partner resistance.
  • improve co ordination, using different techniques to challenge the body.
  • improved agility, combination of the above.
  • Create and improve the function and understanding of core strength.

This is great for team building on a yard or to have a specific one to one training programme, created for your needs. The training can be a ten week programme with fitness tests at the start and the finish. This can be very motivating and you will be given a training schedule to follow so that you never feel on your own. The training also incorporates pilatestraining to improve the way we communicate in the saddle. Your fitness has a direct effect on the performance of your horse. Have you ever though why your horse is uneven, cannot work in a straight line, gets frustrated when you ask relatively simple questions? Have you ever thought that if you are not balanced in your own body, that just maybe your one sidedness can actually affect their way of going…. Would you go all out to make a difference? Your horse will respond in the most amazing way. When it goes wrong, have a long hard look at your self first!!

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